Learn to say no to sweets! With Sweet Zap - All Natural Sugar Blocker Spray

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Can't stop at one cookie or a donut? Learn how.

Available Only in GNC Stores

Watch How Sweet Zap (Formerly Known as Seynani's Sugar Blocker) Works

When to use Sweet Zap

Sweet Zap is best used as a conditioning tool.  Use it daily every time you crave sweets.  To increase your success use it the following ways:

If you eat sweets for breakfast, or have sweet treats after breakfast, spray Sweet Zap and try that sweet again.

If you eat sweet treats after lunch, spray Sweet Zap after lunch and try that treat again.

If you indulge in desserts after dinner, spray Sweet Zap after you eat some dessert, and try that dessert again to avoid overeating.

Free me from sugar


I was a skeptic for sure but I order a 30 day supply and WOW it truly did what it promised. Sweets sure don't taste sweet with the spray. Glad I gave it a try. 

Karen B.

Incredibly Effective! I am amazed at how well your product works...now if only it came with a little elf that sprayed it in my mouth as I decide which donut I want, whenever I forget...or stubbornly refuse... to use it. :)

Brandie K.

I use Seynani Sugar Blocker mainly after 7pm because that’s when my sugar cravings attack me. With the use of Seynani, I can fight them off.

Carolyn B.

Money worth spent. A mother of two kids and there's always candy around. It's gets really hard to resist. Now I keep Seynani on me at all times. It's been very helpful to keep me away and .my kids are happy that's I'm not eating their candy.

Vanessa C.

All-natural ingredients. Works immediately.

Take a look at what Dr. Ilana Goldberg, DC, a chiropractor and holistic health provider thinks of Seynani's Sugar Blocker (Now Sweet Zap). Dr. Goldberg is also a sought after speaker, especially on the topics of functional medicine, hormone balancing, stress management, weight loss, and natural approaches to a healthy body.