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The Quick Guide To Superfoods

When thinking of "superfoods" your mind may immediately go to power foods like spinach, kale, and the like, but there are a few other foods that are every bit of a superfood as their nutritional counterparts. While you likely haven't heard of some of the best superfoods, you'll soon see that these fruits and veggies are a reliable option to include in your diet.

The Search for Superfoods

Let's face it—kale is an excellent addition to your meals, but it can get old very quickly. If you're in search of a healthy pick-me-up, consider some of the following superfoods as alternatives to some of the more popular superfoods.

Black Rice

Love rice but trying to kick the white rice habit? Black rice is the answer for you. Black rice is higher in protein and lower in calories, acting as the best rice alternative to its ever-present white counterpart. Full of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, black rice helps to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, as well as working to improve your cognitive functions.


The bright green powder known as matcha is an incredible alternative to your daily cup of coffee. Matcha is created from tea leaves that have been ground into powder. This allows its drinkers to consume an entire tea leaf, allowing you to get a blast of antioxidants all at once.


Ghee is a great option for replacing butter. Ghee is a particular type of butter that is clarified to include more medium chain and short fatty acids than the standard alternative. The calories in clarified butter are burned faster, allowing you to harness its energy much faster than you would with regular butter. Additionally, with ghee, you will consume vitamins E, D, and A much faster.

Sea Buckthorn

Most people haven't heard of sea buckthorn, but it truly is a superfood with powers all its own. Sea buckthorn isn't a popular as some other superfoods, but it does boast some great benefits, like helping boost your body's intake of antioxidants. Similarly, sea buckthorn is full of Omega 7's, which are an essential fat, just as Omega 3's and Omega 6's.

The sea buckthorn berry has over 190 bioactive compounds, making it a very potent food. Sea buckthorn is a great choice for anyone that suffers from skin disease and conditions or breathing disorders like asthma or chronic coughs.

Chickpea Flour

While whole wheat is a healthier version of white flour, chickpea flour is the next best thing. This flour is made entirely of chickpeas and is gluten and wheat free. This flour is a great option for your baking needs as it is high in protein and truly delicious.

The beauty of superfoods is that there are many great choices that you haven't tried yet. Use this guide to help kickstart your journey into finding the best superfoods for your diet. With the right foods, you'll soon start harnessing the superpowers of these potent foods.

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